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I have been extremely lucky, and have been sent some gorgeous nails by the amazing ‘Elegant Touch’ team. Anyone that knows me well would definitely be aware of my love for this brand. I rave about Elegant Touch nails all of the time, and that is now about to be more so than ever.

I discovered this brand about 3/4 years ago. If you’re anything like me and hate the idea of sitting for hours getting your nails done then look no further. I think what I love about this brand more than anything else is the fact that they are affordable,  easy to use, good quality, they last for weeks and look amazing (the list goes on).

Even though a lot of you ladies (and gents for that matter) will have heard of this brand, I thought I would give you a quick ‘step by step’/’how to use’, as well as giving a full review.  Even though I LOVE this brand I will give you my honest opinion and share with you my tips ‘n’ tricks on how to use these nails to get the best results.

IMG_1321 2

Selecting which nails to try out first was a hard one. I have to be honest, I didn’t think there were any styles I hadn’t already tried from this brand! Thankfully Elegant Touch are always brining out new styles and colours AND ranges – keeping me right on my toes!

I had never seen nails like the ‘Trend’ Express nails above, so of course I went for these first (don’t they look amazing!). Elegant Touch has two ways of applying these nails. As you can see, above are the ‘express’ nails. This means that the nails come with a pre adhesive sticky back – which is where the ‘express’ title comes from. Unlike the other nails, these express nails can be applied within 5 mins. Personally I have to be honest I do not like the ‘express’ nails as much as the others. This is simply because the sticky pad on the back of the nails do not allow the nails to stick down near the cuticle, leaving a tiny gap between your natural nails and the false nail. Unfortunately I find that very annoying as bits of dirt can get into this tiny gap and (I have found) when doing my hair, strands of hair can get caught and stick to the sticky pads – not ideal!! Having said that, these nails stick look beautiful and last very well. I would suggest you use the ‘express nails’ if you are off out for the evening/ day and want a no fuss quick jobby.

IMG_1318 2

I needed to get the macro lens out for these beauties so that you can see them in full naked view. They are definitely something, but I love that!! You can also see (if you look closely) the little tabs which you pull off in order to stick directly onto your nails. They are so easy to use! Normally I tip all of the nails out of the box in front of me, and line up the correct sizes for my nails ahead of me actually sticking them on. When you have to physically glue them on, this saves a lot of time!

IMG_1314 2

Once I have found the correct sizes for my nails, I peel off the tab and press the nail hard with my opposite middle finger and thumb. I normally count to 10 applying pressure on both sides and the nails are stuck!! Yes I have been known to stick these nails on slightly wonky so it looks like I have creepy witches nails – nightmare!!

IMG_1316 2

As you can see on my thumb -like mentioned above – you are left with a tiny gap near the cuticle with these express nails, however it doesn’t bother me too much if I only need them for one event. The other nails (that are stuck with the Elegant Touch glue) do not do this however so do not fear!

I think these nails look beautiful and I can’t wait to try the other styles – I am certainly stocked up for a good few months now!

IMG_1317 2

Normally you are supplied with a tiny tube of adhesive glue within a pack of nails (obviously not the express nails as you wouldn’t need it) which Is amazing and great for your handbag, however I have noticed when using the little tube, that the glue sometimes crusts (sorry horrible word I know) around the edge where the glue comes out off and makes it difficult to squeeze out of when using again. This brush on glue (above) is the answer to all of my prayers! It is the exact same formula (which I would like to add is amazing) but is so much easier to apply. The bottle works like a nail varnish pot – great idea! once you have applied the glue onto your nails I always shake my hand for a few seconds just to let the glue go slightly tacky. This helps the nail stick properly and not slide all over the place.

A few tips and tricks-

  • Don’t rush! This seems very obvious, however the glue used to fix your nails is super duper strong and will even stick your fingers together! Take your time – it’s worth it .
  • Some of the nails are quite long. Don’t be afraid to file down or trim the nails to suit your own preference. These nails are super strong and will survive the chopping and sawing.
  • Let the glue go tacky before applying the nails.
  • Soak your hand in warm water to help with removing the nails.
  • Pick and lay out the correct size nails before applying – trust me this will help!
  • Press down on the nails using a finger and thumb to make sure it sticks securely.
  • All of the nails are numbered at the tip on the nail so that you can find the matching nail for the other hand.


How long do the nails last for ? From previous experience the express nails last up to 4/5 days and the other nails can last up to 2 weeks! I do normally have to stick a few nails back on but that doesn’t bother me! 

How long does it take to apply the nails ? These nails are so easy to apply I would be surprised if you spend more than 10 mins applying them! 

Are the nails a good fit? Within most packs, Elegant Touch nails supply you with 24 nails. They are numbered at the tip of the nail so that you can find the same fitting nail for the other hand. The nails vary in different sizes in order to fit a wide range of nails. The nails are also very flexible so will ‘stretch’ to fit correctly. 

How long are the nails? The length of the nails vary, however like I said they are so strong, they will withstand you cutting and filing them down! 

Do they survive the washing up? The answer is yes the do! In all fairness I have not had a problem doing any activities with these nails – apart from swimming. From past experience if you have applied the nails fresh, they survive the water however they will definitely fall off if you’re on your 5/6 day of wearing them – we won’t hold this against you Elegant Touch they’re pretty damn amazing otherwise! 

How much do the nails cost ? These nails vary in price. I would say they range between £6.50 and £8.00. They are definitely not cheap and cheerful but would not brake the bank either. You are getting some very good quality nails and they last a long time – what more could you want ?! 

You can find Elegant Touch nails in Superdrug and Boots as well as online (click here to go to their site).

If you happen to have any more questions please ask, I am sure I can help!! Hope you enjoy these nails as much as me! ❤


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