A Bit of Self Love



I have wanted to do a little write up about ‘Self love’ for a while now, so why not this evening? This is not a rant, and most definitely not aimed at anyone, just a little bit of positivity for you all before we start the week.

I think we have all come to a point in our lives where we don’t feel good enough. Trust me I have been there, and didn’t think I would ever get through it.Β I have managed to get myself to a good point recently where I am motivated, determined and passionate about life in general – and I couldn’t be happier. Last year was a very low year for me. I think most people would describe me as ‘loving life’ and ‘always happy’, unfortunately last year when I was going through my ‘low patch’, I just remember not recognising myself. Β I certainly was not the person my friends and family would say they know me as.

I dropped out of uni last February after surviving 6 months of it. I met some amazing people there, and I also met some not so amazing people. I think a combination of that and getting quite ill and run down, resulted in me hating my time there. I think it is so so sad that I know look back on my time at uni with regret and sadness. I remember one evening sitting in my uni room, crying alone wondering what I was doing there. I know that I was ‘existing’ rather than ‘living’ which I know is definitely not what a uni experience should be. Even though I can’t get those 6 months back, I now feel so thankful that I have grown into the person I am now. If you asked me to go back and try and change things about those 6 months, I would probably tell you to do one. BUT I did make some amazing memories towards the end with some great people (you know who you are) some of those memories are permanent – whoops sorry about those tattoos mum, probably was a bit of a crisis moment but hey, they are not offensive words or questionable diagrams! One thing I can say is that it was definitely a character building experience for me, and it has shaped me into a very positive woman – and for that, I am very grateful!

I wish I had someone to tell me that everything was going to be okay, and I would make it through alive – I did in case you were wondering! Instagram has been a massive step forward for me, helping build up my confidence and creativity. It has given me a platform where I can be inspired and create content in my own time. Although I could go on forever and a day rambling on about how much I love planing my feed and creating new and fresh content to share with you all, it has not slipped my mind that Social Media can be really damaging, and I would not want anyone to fall into the trap of thinking their life is not good enough.

Everyone is fighting their own ‘battle’ and it is so important to remember that no one is perfect. Being ‘perfect’ does not exist! Social Media can portray a perfect lifestyle, face, hair do and figure but that is not real life. One thing that my mum always use to explain to me was – ‘Every person in the world is part of a jigsaw puzzle, even though someone might be that middle piece that fits multiple other jigsaw pieces within it, that jigsaw would never be complete without the last piece-even the boring edge!’ In a round about way, this just means that you are just as important as everyone else in the world. You can change as much as you’d like about yourself (thanks to living in the modern world ehh), but you are the only person that can change what is inside of you and how you feel.

If you take nothing else from this little bit of babble, please remember you are beautiful and worth so much to so many people out there. Do not ever, for one second let yourself, or anyone else tell you that you aren’t.

Lots of love ❀



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Hi I'm Frankie, a singer, photographer, writer, and well ... a fashion and lifestyle enthusiast! I started in the Social Media world, with my You Tube channel in 2009. This was and still is (for now) dedicated to my music, where I discovered a love of interacting and supporting other You Tubers. Instagram has been an amazing platform for me in recent months and I think now it is time to branch out and continue with what I love doing. Stay tuned for a bit of ... everything!

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